What is CrossFit?

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program designed to improve the 10 physical characteristics of fitness:

Cardiovascular / Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Power, Speed, Flexibility, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy

We do this by combining exercises from the gymnastic, weightlifting and endurance arenas that are constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.

What does that mean?


Functional movements are natural movements – moving yourself or moving objects – doing useful work. This is what your body is built to do, using compound movements (multiple joints, using all the body’s muscles in the most efficient way). Generally, machines don’t allow you to do this, so we focus on moving your body or moving objects. When you train in this way, your body will get better at doing the things you want to do in life.


If you do the same exercises in the same way all the time, eventually your body will stop responding as it settles into routine. CrossFit is varied – you will never do the same workout twice (apart from a few benchmarks). We will vary the exercises, the weights, and the time. Sometimes you’ll do a short, sharp workout, sometimes a longer one. This way your body adapts to always be ready for the unknown – and unknowable – demands that physical activity and everyday life can bring. You’ll never be bored, you’ll always be challenged, and you’ll always be learning new skills.


Intensity is what drives your body to adapt. If you can read, watch T.V., talk on the phone, or even talk at all, you’re not working hard enough, which means that you’re trading precious hours of your life for nothing. By working hard and fast, you will achieve more in less time. Intensity is the key, and you can bet that every workout at CrossFit Blackpool will be just that. You’ll be amazed at how great of a workout you’ll get in a short time when focused on intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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CrossFit sounds pretty hardcore. I’m not an athlete. I just want to get fit. Is CrossFit right for me?

Yes. The physical needs of an athlete and your average person vary by degree, not kind. The athlete may need to pick up a heavy barbell while you may need to move some furniture, but the movement is the same. We scale (adjust) load and intensity to meet the current needs of each individual client, but we don’t change the program. If increased physical fitness is your goal, then CrossFit is definitely right for you.

I’ve got some injuries or limitations. Can I still do CrossFit?

Yes. CrossFit is safe for everyone. Every workout is scaled for current ability, even if your current ability is temporarily limited. We can modify any workout to support the healing process, while providing a great workout for the rest of your body. Your whole body doesn’t need to languish as some parts of it heal.

Is CrossFit dangerous? Will I get injured?

There are many horror stories about CrossFit on the internet – pretty much all from people who have never done it, and untrue! CrossFit is a more active and intense physical activity than traditional gym classes, so does carry risks – just like cycling, football, tennis… or in fact any physical activity.

However, our coaches primary focus at all times is safety. We put great emphasis on proper movement and skills before we add weight or intensity. Training your body using compound, functional movements as CrossFit does will strengthen your core, and teach proper movement patterns. This will, in fact, reduce the probability of injury in any physical activity - in CrossFit, other sports or everyday life.

Do I have to change my diet to do CrossFit?

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in fitness and health. You really can’t out-work a poor diet (sorry!). However, you don’t need a radical, restricted diet to get results. A balanced diet eating the right foods – particularly avoiding sugary, processed foods – will go a long way. There are a number of different approaches to diet, depending on what your goals are, and what suits your lifestyle. We can provide simple nutrition guidance and plans to get you on the right track to suit your goals. CrossFit provides a great motivation to sort out your nutrition, as you’ll see the results of a good diet really quickly.

What does a typical CrossFit class look like?

We will always begin every class with a warm-up to get your body moving and heart rate up ready for the workout.

After this, we’ll go through some mobility exercises with particular focus on the joints and movements we’ll be using in the workout. This is an important part of any class, as many people spend their days with poor posture, sat at desks all day, so we need to get you moving properly – and safely – before asking you to move fast or move weights.

Once warmed up, we’ll go through coaching and drills for the exercises that we’ll be doing as part of the Workout of the Day, or WOD. This is an opportunity for the coach to look at technique, and to make sure everyone has an appropriate scaling or adaptation to match their abilities.

A typical class will also include some focused strength or skills work as well as the main WOD.

As we mentioned before, WODs are different every day. But you can expect to see exercises such as kettlebell swings, push-ups, deadlifts, pull ups, clean and jerks, running and rowing, to name a few. Some WODs will be 5-10 minutes long - fast and hard, some up to 20 minutes – needing more stamina, but they will all be intense.

Throughout the workout, you’ll be alongside like-minded people, all pushing hard like you to achieve the same results. It’s this sense of community and support that sets CrossFit apart from other gyms, and keeps you accountable – and coming back for more!

We record everyone’s performance at the end of the workout – time taken, weights used, reps completed, and you’ll have your own on-line record of your achievements. You’ll be able to see your progress from these results over the weeks and months.

I don’t know how to do all that stuff - how will I keep up with the class?

Don’t worry. We won’t throw you in at the deep end! Before you go into the classes we will take you through our Fundamentals course. Over two sessions, this will take you through the fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting and gymnastics, developing new skills as well as giving you progressions and scaling options for your current ability.

Our coaches have lots of experience coaching people of all ages and abilities. They will be there in every class to coach you through every exercise and help you with scaling or adaptation to be sure you get the most out of your workout. You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life to CrossFit, but CrossFit will get you there. All you need to do is show up willing to learn a new skill. That’s it.

I’m still not sure if CrossFit is for me. How can I find out more?

The best way to find out more is to come and visit us. Sign up for a free Taster session via the website. These sessions are structured just like a regular CrossFit class, but will focus on introducing some straightforward movements that anyone can pick up quickly, and can be adapted to anyone. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age or fitness. As well as getting a great workout, it’s also the ideal opportunity for you to find out more about us at CrossFit Blackpool and ask any questions. There’s no obligation - you’re not signing up for anything apart from the free session.

What should I wear?

Anything that’s comfortable! Shorts, leggings, joggers, vest tops, t-shirts, hoodies, anything that allows you full and free movement. Layers are a good option. When you’re working out you can take them off, when you’re cooling down you can put them back on. You will get very warm very quickly, even if the weather is freezing outside!

Do you have showers?

Yes we have both male and female changing and shower facilities.

Is CrossFit a training programme or a sport?

CrossFit is fundamentally a strength and conditioning methodology aimed at General Physical Preparedness. Unlike training for specific sports, we specialise in not specialising - training for the unknown and unknowable.

However, because we measure performance, we can compare performance. Most of the time you are simply competing against yourself - the old you - and the scores, weights and times clearly demonstrate your progress and help you to set personal goals.. But for those who choose to, this also provides the basis for competition.

There are a growing number of fitness competitions around the country, including in the North of England. They provide a really fun way to test yourself against others in a friendly environment, and many are open to all levels of ability - not just elite athletes.

Why is CrossFit so expensive compared my normal gym?

You need to compare like with like. Our Unlimited membership is £70 per month, which works out at around £5 per class at 3 per week. Many of our members do 4, 5 or 6 classes per week. This is for a coached class, working to a training programme with purpose, tailored to our members - as a community, and as individuals. If you were to add a couple of PT sessions per week to your normal gym membership, along with a purpose-designed training programme, you would pay far more than a CrossFit membership!

How can I find out more if I still have questions?

We’re always more than happy to discuss anything about what we do, and we can work with you to achieve your fitness goals. You can contact us through the website, via our Facebook page, or give us a call for a chat.

How do i get started?

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