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Emma Davidson - Her Amazing Story

I would consider myself a fairly active person and I always done some sort of fitness regime, ranging from gym classes such as Body Pump, Boxercise, and various DVD workouts such as Insanity.

I had a great time during my twenties, however at the age of 29 I was thrown a curve ball!In March of 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer which clearly wasn’t part of my plan. During my initial operation and chemotherapy, I had to stop all strenuous activity and was forced to cancel my gym membership. This was a difficult thing for me to do as it became a way of life for my husband and I.

During my treatment phase and having to take various steroids, it was difficult to maintain a weight that I was happy with. I joined Weight Watchers as I was becoming less confident in myself due to putting on weight.

After completing all of my treatment and successfully battling cancer, I was invited to speak to a Genealogist. I was asked to provide some blood which was unlikely to be tested as I was considered to be low risk as there had been no previous history of cancer in my family.

So, a year later, I received an unexpected call and was asked to make another appointment with the Genealogist. So to add insult to injury, I was informed that I had the BRCA1. This essentially meant that I had a mutated gene and had an 80% chance of re-developing breast cancer and a 40% chance of developing ovarian cancer. Now I’m not a betting person, however they were crap odds. So after another two operations over two years, I finished all of my treatment and needed to get my fitness back on track.

After various attempts to get back to the gym, I was struggling to focus so I decided to set myself a goal, I enlisted myself for the Blackpool 10k fun run. I started running three times a week with a couple of friends to try and improve my fitness levels. This helped and I was able to complete my first 10k, however once it was over, I struggled to find the motivation to keep it going and this is where I started to struggle with my weight again and it was beginning to get me down.

My husband had joined CrossFit Blackpool and was trying to get me down for a taster session, however I said it wasn’t for me. I had been to see him take part in an event that the gym was hosting and I will be honest, I was intimidated. All these men and woman lifting olympic weight lifting bars and I couldn’t see myself doing this.

After a couple of months of me completing the fun run, my husband could see that my weight was affecting my confidence. I didn’t have a goal to work towards, it was hard to find something I could stay focussed on. He would constantly ask me to go down and try it. I would say no all the time, however I had to do something as it was really getting me down. I gave in and agreed that I would go down for a free taster.

I went along and the coaches were brilliant! They immediately made me feel welcome.I’m not going to lie, it was hard. I enjoyed it so much, I booked in for the fundamentals class. Although I didn't like to admit it to my husband at first, I loved it and signed up straight away.

There were a few occasions during the first few weeks that I literally had no clue what was going on. I stood in front of the board and there was a whole new language being spoken - WOD’s, AMRAP, EMOM’s - WHAT THE? It didn’t matter as the entire Cros

sFit Blackpool team were excellent at walking you through the workout’s and paying special attention to the technique. Most importantly, encouraging you to do your best. I have now been a member for over a year, and I can honestly say that CrossFit Blackpool has changed my life! This time last year I was 14 lbs heavier and couldn’t fit in most of my clothes and since joining, I have dropped a dress size and increased my fitness massively. I still push myself and have goals to work on but I feel that I am getting there and just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who has helped me.

Pete Findlay - Picking Up The Pace (Bionic Man)

At the age of 49, I had never lifted a barbell, swung a kettlebell or climbed a rope – my fitness routine was the usual gym machines and the occasional run. I was coasting into middle age. I’d heard about CrossFit from a friend in the States, so when I came across the CrossFit Blackpool website, my interest was awakened - I was in!

What I found was a community of all ages and levels of fitness, and a spirit of hard work and mutual support you just won’t get anywhere else. CrossFit re-defined what I thought I was physically capable of. At 50, I felt better and was fitter than I had ever been.

A few months after joining CFB, out of the blue I was diagnosed with heart-block – a heart rhythm disorder that required a pacemaker. After a few weeks of enforced rest, I wondered if I would be able to get back to doing anything active again! I needn’t have worried. The same supportive environment that had got me hooked on CrossFit in the first place helped me to manage my recovery over the next couple of months. I had structure and goals to focus on, along with the jokes about turning the settings up! Since then, I’ve matched or exceeded everything I could do before. CrossFit got me in the best condition before the operation, and was the best physical (and mental) re-hab I could have had.

Having never been one for competitive sport, I was even entering CrossFit competitions as a ‘Masters’ athlete just a year after having the pacemaker implant. Whether the goal is fitness, weight loss, training, or just to be better able to cope with life’s curve-balls, CrossFit really is training for life.

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