Simple Performance Tracking

BoxMate providing a platform for our members to follow programming, log WOD scores, record PR's and manage personal goals. BoxMate keeps athletes engaged, motivated and on top of their training. Click Here to learn more about the platform

Our membership management and class booking system teamup integrates directly into the BoxMate app so all classes can be booked managed without visiting the website

This performance tracking platform is offered to our members on select plans, tracking results in CrossFit is extremely important and this platform does just that along with many other features enhancing the members experience.

If you are a member of the gym using a membership that includes BoxMate access follow the below steps to register for an account and start recording your scores!

Step 1

Search BoxMate on the app store and download

Step 2

Choose register, select "CrossFit Blackpool" and fill in all your details

Step 3

Wait for your approval email when a coach verifies your account

Step 5

You are all set! Visit the timetable, log todays WOD and send your training partner a high five!

How do i get started?

Click learn more below to find out how to get started and we will have you training with us in no time!

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